Debaprata Sarkar earns the second academic research doctorate in church administration

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A NEW PROUDEST ACHIEVEMENT MOMENTUM FOR PROF. DR. DEBABRATA SARKAR , HE GOT HIS SECOND ACADEMIC RESEARCH PHD In CHURCH ADMINISTRATION FROM GENERATION LIGHT INTERNATIONAL BIBLE UNIVERSITY NIGERIA , USA . THE Brazil international council conipa and itmut institutes chancellor PROF. DR. DEBABRATA SARKAR got his second research Academic phd in church administration subject from International University of Nigeria USA . He got it on 15 September, 2020. Prof. Dr. Debabrata Sarkar achieved higher congratulations report card from chancellor of University in Nigeria ,. Chancellor of University said he is proudly to presented this Academic phd to Prof. Dr. Debabrata Sarkar of India by fullfilled on all criteria . The university’s authority board and chancellor hand over it with all maintain criterias . Prof. Debabrata say he is extended to thank to university of Nigeria , and he said he will do best in future for Education and particularly for creatives in high resolution images. He said this Academic phd achievement is give him biggest success and support to his spread out in culture and Education and church administration academically and in creativity for worlds civil. Here is in information between the distance courses undergone prof. Dr. Debabrata Sarkar also got Appointment vice chancellor from this university of Nigeria. He said that was great study of research and patiencelly he have done this phd . So great gear of super success for prof. Dr. Debabrata. Hope his nation will be happy to known it. And according to presented degree provided university are also happy . Specially chancellor of Generation light International bible university Nigeria PROF. DR. IKEZAHU OSAGIE SUCCESS said he is proud to hand over this phd Academic to PROF. Dr. DEBABRATA SARKAR of India. He said degree holders research methods and research creation on this church administration subjects was really great and new vision of Education parameters and gear of super MISSION’S value . Hope prof. Dr. Debabrata Sarkar do his level best in future prospects by lord graces continue.